MLP's Offer Stability

Partners are protected from liability

MLP's Have Tax Benefits

Tax deductions offer better ROI

MLP's Provide Opportunities

They offer a wider variety of investments

LP's Have Tax Benefits

LP's offer a variety of investments

Master Limited & Limited Partnerships

MLP Capital is an energy investment company that provides investors with the certainty and reliability they expect from investing in oil, natural gas and renewable energy opportunities. Master Limited Partnerships and Limited Partnerships offer several advantages for the investor taking the guess-work and uncertainty out of the question.

oil investting

Oil Investing

natural gas investing

Natural Gas Investing

investing in renewable energy

Wind Investing

investing in renewable energy

Solar Investing

Investments in these industries, Oil, Natural Gas, Wind and Solar have never been more profitable. Investing in energy companies is not only a reliable income producing opportunity it has several tax advantages when controlled by ownership in Master and Limited Partnerships.

Master Limited Partnerships

Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs) are liquid, publicly traded partnerships which primarily own US energy infrastructure.

This includes assets involved in the exploration and production, gathering and processing, and the transportation of oil and natural gas. MLPs were granted preferred tax status in 1986 to facilitate the development of US energy infrastructure assets such as pipelines and storage facilities.

These long-lived physical assets with significant barriers to entry generate steady cash flows with low associated business risk. The need for infrastructure development drives ongoing investment, cash flow and distribution growth.

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Limited Partnerships

Stocks, and Bonds are a safe investment opportunity but they are driven by daily fluctuations in market volatility. Conversely, investing in small to medium size oil an natural gas production companies offers the potential for a more steady profit stream for investors.

The advantage to a limited partnership is that if protects the investor from liability beyond what was originally invested. In addition, Oil and natural Gas Limited Partnership investors are eligible for tax breaks which can help increase the investors return on investment.


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